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Powerful 3D scanning solutions for your industry

2019 Gold Award Winner

2020 Award Winner

2018, 2016 Innovation Award Winner

2019 3D Scanning & Metrology Company

2019, 2018 Highly Commended

Artec LEO 3D Scanner reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering

Accelerate your RE workflow with submillimeter-precise 3D scans.

Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

From factory floor to delivery, achieve tighter specs at every step.

3d scanning manufacturing


From concept to actualization, transform your workflow across the entire manufacturing process

3D Scanning automotive industry
3D scanning forensics


Easy-to-use, metrology-grade 3D scanning solutions for vehicle manufacturing.


Accurately document crime, death, accident, and arson scenes in just minutes.

3D Scanning healthcare
3D Scanning CGI


Accurate 3D replicas of both freeform and geometric shapes, ready in minutes.


Create high-quality 3D models of actors, props, or entire scenes with a stunning level of realism.

Trusted by

central university of technology
University of johannesburg
university of cape town
 CSIR  Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
front runner
sulzer pumps
WITS University
transnet engineering

Artec Leo

Supported object size

Our fastest professional handheld 3D scanner yet. Encompassing the latest technologies in data capture, transfer and processing, this untethered 3D solution will revolutionize your workflow.

  • Real time onscreen 3D model projection and processing

  • Wireless technology with an inbuilt touch screen and battery

  • Extended field of view for capturing both large and small objects

Accuracy up to

0.1 mm

Resolution up to

0.2 mm

Artec Space Spider

Supported object size

High precision, portable metrological 3D scanning solution based on blue-light technology, perfect for capturing small objects with intricate details, such as a cylinder head, coins or a human ear.

  • Up to 0.1 mm 3D resolution and up to 0.05 mm 3D accuracy

  • Wide range of applications in reverse-engineering, quality control and more

  • Fast capturing speed and no need for targets

Accuracy up to

0.05 mm

Resolution up to

0.1 mm