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Handheld 3D Scanners From SHINING 3D

Backed by almost 20 years of experience our team has developed a range of cost-efficient handheld 3D scanners for every use case. Whether you choose a portable 3D scanner from the EinScan H or the EinScan Pro series, you’re getting a smooth, plug-and-play experience and exceptional customer service.

SHINING 3D’s handheld 3D scanning solutions all come with our comprehensive EXScan software. You’ll be able to automatically align your scans, post-process the data with intuitive tools, and more. Seamlessly export your 3D captures to your favorite 3D software, such as Fusion 360, Meshmixer, ZBrush, and other popular suites.

EinScan Pro HD

  • Great for the art industry

  • Impressive high resolution for fine detail

  • Handles dark and contrasting metal surface

  • Optional Color Pack & Industrial Pack add-ons

Einscan ProHD 3D Scanner

EinScan Pro 2X

  • Extremely versatile

  • Great for small to medium objects

  • Optional full-color camera add-on

  • Lightweight and compact

Einscan Pro2x 3D Scanner

EinScan HX

  • Great for reverse engineering

  • Hybrid blue laser & LED light source

  • Built in full-color camera

  • Portable and easy operation

Einscan HX 3D Scanner

EinScan H2

  • Great for medical based applications

  • Infrared & structured hybrid light source

  • Built in full-color camera

  • Portable and easy operation

Einscan H2 3D Scanner
einscan prohd working

Not sure which EinScan handheld 3D scanner to go for?

The best handheld 3D scanner is the one that fits your use case. Contact one of our product experts to help figure out the right balance between specs and price.

If you’re more of an explorer, take your time and look at dozens of user case studies and stories for inspiration. SHINING 3D users all around the world are using their handheld 3D scanners for Art & Heritage, DesignHealthcare, Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering, and Research & Education applications.

How do handheld 3D scanners work?

Most handheld 3D scanners either use structured light or laser triangulation technologies. Often, these technologies are paired with photogrammetry. Let’s take a quick look at how these 3D scanning technologies work.

Structured light 3D scanning

In this case, the handheld 3D scanner projects a pattern of light onto the object. Its camera then takes a picture of the object. That way, the 3D scanning software is able to compare the original pattern to the projected one, as it deforms when it hits the object’s surfaces.

Laser 3D scanning

Similarly to the structured light method, the 3D handheld scanner projects laser lines onto the object. The software then calculates how much time it takes for the laser to bounce back to the 3D scanner, and from what angle.


Photogrammetry involves taking several overlapping pictures of an object from different angles. The software then compares each photo and is able to determine the object’s geometry. In handheld 3D scanning, photogrammetry can be used for two reasons:

  • To increase accuracy: When used with markers, the photogrammetry module identifies the location of each marker to provide a sort of “skeleton” to then fill in with laser or structured light scanning.

  • To capture colors: Photogrammetry cameras on handheld 3D scanners are often used to capture colors, also referred to as “textures”. The software creates a texture map, which it wraps around the 3D model.

Einscan HX 3D Scanning working
Need help finding the right handheld 3D scanner?

Our application engineers are here to help.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback by filling in our contact form.

Desktop 3D Scanners From SHINING 3D

Are you in the market for a desktop 3D scanner? Looking for something that offers good, reliable performance at a reasonable price?

Our stationary EinScan solutions may be just what you need. With the EinScan-SP V2 and the EinScan-SE V2, you'll experience smooth workflows and obtain precise 3D data.

Transcan C

  • Adjustable scanning range to meet various object scanning needs.

  • Smoothly shift between 3 levels of resolution in one project to create great detail with high efficiency.

  • 12 MP professional color cameras provide rich and detailed color textured 3D model.

transcan C 3D Scanner

Autoscan Inspec

  • Metrology grade accuracy

  • Automatic multi angle scanning

  • Provides precisely detailed 3D scan for small and complex objects

  • Powerful software

autoscan inspec 3d scanner

EinScan SE V2

Offers the easiest 3D scanning experience for beginners. It’s intuitive to use and offers a great performance for the price.

einscan SE V2 3D Scanner

EinScan SP V2

A faster and more advanced desktop solution. Meets professional reverse engineering and design requirements.

einscan SP V2 3D Scanner
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