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3D Scanning Solutions

Maximize the potential of your 3D scanning hardware with our industry leading Reverse Engineering and Inspection professional 3D scanning software portfolio.

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3D Scanning Solutions
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Unlock the value of your existing parts with Geomagic software.

3D Scanning is the process of converting physical, real-world objects into precise digital models, for various applications.

Integration of 3D scan-based technology into any production environment provides the perfect platform to supercharge product manufacture through fast digitization, geometry optimization and accurate quality assurance.

reverse engineering

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering has always been used in part production in some capacity, to redesign, recreate and optimize components.

Whether you're recreating a legacy part from 3D scan data, or taking your prototype to mass production, we've got the solution. No digital CAD file or design data for an existing part? Reverse Engineering is the answer.


If you're serious about producing high quality parts, regardless of what industry you're supplying, then high quality 3D scan-based inspection software are a non-negotiable. Pairing an accurate 3D scan-based inspection software with a quality, accurate 3D scanner will set you up for success.

industry 3d scanning solutions

Hardware agnostic solutions for any industry

Fast, accurate, 3D data capture, CAD creation and inspection is revolutionizing industries across the board, from aftermarket automotive parts and aerospace assemblies, to cultural heritage preservation and dental aligner inspection.

Whatever your industry, whether complete novice or seasoned 3D scanning veteran, our hardware agnostic software packages have you covered.

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3D Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering workflows for any application. Take your scan to CAD faster.

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3D Reverse Engineering

Optimize your scan to CAD workflows

If you're going to invest in a powerful 3D scanner, then you should be investing in an equally powerful scan to CAD software to maximize its potential. Prior to the digital CAD boom, 3D reverse engineering was carried out using a variety of measurement techniques, whether tape measures, callipers, or even a piece of string!

As technology has improved, so has our ability to measure with improved accuracy. The acceleration of 3D scanning and reverse engineering has catapulted 3D data capture, making it much more efficient, accurate and repeatable.

Combine 3D scanning and reverse engineering to digitize, redesign and rebuild your parts. Regardless of your needs, we have the software to fit. Read on to get a snapshot of what we offer.

Geomagic Design X creates accurate CAD models from 3D scan data, faster, and more reliably than anything else on the market. Extract new business value from existing parts with Design X to accelerate your process sustainability.


Geomagic Design X Essentials is a streamlined subset of the Design X toolset, for those with less frequent reverse engineering requirements or limited budget. It enables users of any scanner to make the most of their hardware.

Geomagic Wrap delivers the most affordable, fast, and accurate path from point cloud to 3D models. Ideal for creating perfect, watertight 3D models from complex or freeform scan data.

geomagic wrap
geomagic for solidworks

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS enables you to import data or scan directly into SOLIDWORKS. It's ideal for SOLIDWORKS users looking for a straightforward path from point cloud to complete SOLIDWORKS design file. Oqton are a proud SOLIDWORKS Gold Software partner.

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3D Inspection Software

Accessible scan-based 3D inspection, enabling more people in more production environments to improve their manufacturing processes.

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3D inspection software

We're lowering the barrier to entry of scan-based 3D inspection

Engineers and quality assurance managers from all industries are tapping into scan-based 3D inspection for its unmatched accuracy, flexibility and speed. 3D inspection software delivers faster time-to-market, improved part quality and huge process sustainability gains.

Using 3D scanning technologies to capture point-cloud data allows you to quickly catalogue and inspect any parts being manufactured in your production environment. Optimizing this quality process is going to yield huge cost savings, reduced scrappage and huge process sustainability gains.

Geomagic Control X is our professional metrology software, enabling you to capture and process data from 3D scanners and other devices to measure, understand, and communicate inspection results. We're making it simpler for you to implement accurate, automated Quality Assurance in your production environment.


Control X Essentials is a streamlined subset of Control X functionality lowers the barrier-to-entry for precise 3D metrology tools, regardless of your budget, project frequency, or inspection background.

Geomagic Design X

Industry-leading reverse engineering software for converting 3D scan data into feature-based and editable solid CAD models.

Reverse engineering done right

Streamline your design and manufacturing workflows with the latest tools for reverse engineering. Scan virtually anything with Artec 3D scanners, and create production-ready designs with Geomagic Design X. Here, you can rebuild CAD data for legacy parts and tooling, recreate non-existent or lost CAD data for parts and molds, design new custom products, and document changes made post-prototype or manufacture.

Additive manufacturing

Utilize initial design ideas for the parts that have been topologically optimized, and generate feature-based results available for further edit and use in CAD.

Optimization of supply chain

Create a digital database for key parts with high wear and tear, or parts that fail frequently, to shorten turnaround time and unify your expertise and manufacturing capabilities.

Sheet metal stamping

3D scan stamping dies that have been modified after manufacturing to update the original CAD drawings and represent as-built conditions.

Product design

Accelerate time to market by utilizing reverse engineering to combine off-the-shelf parts and assemblies with custom-designed parts.


Quickly create production-ready 3D models for broken castings, and reproduce key components with 3D scanning and scan-based design.

Redesign and customization

Scan an existing part or an entire product to create a 3D reference for a brand new or customized product.

Digitize hand-built prototypes commonly made using foam, cardboard, or modeling clay to accelerate the creation of production-ready designs.

Remanufacturing and maintenance

Use 3D scan data to manufacture replacement components and spares for expensive heavy equipment in the event of an emergency, and to keep them functioning efficiently.

The complete scan-to-CAD solution

Reverse engineer virtually anything faster, more accurately, and more reliably with Artec 3D scanners and Geomagic Design X. Scan, process, and export your scan data into Design X to create solid feature-based CAD models for manufacturing and simulation.

Step 1: Capturing an object with one or multiple Artec 3D scanners

Depending on the accuracy and resolution you require or would like to achieve with your model, you can scan an object using one of Artec’s handheld, desktop, or tripod-based 3D scanners. If the object is particularly complex, you can use multiple scanners and merge the captured data in our scanning and processing software, Artec Studio.

3d scanning reverse engineering
Step 2: Processing, refining & optimizing data in Artec Studio

Once scanning is complete, the next step is to process the data in Artec Studio, where all captured frames will be precisely aligned to each other and fused into an accurate, highly detailed 3D model. If needed, you can further refine the model using mesh optimization and repair tools. It may also be necessary to reduce the number of polygons to simplify the data you’re working with, as well as align it to the global coordinate system. Then, you can export the model directly from Artec Studio to Design X.

artec studio
Step 3: Creating a feature-based CAD model in Design X

Once in Design X, the mesh is ready to be reverse engineered into a solid CAD model. Depending on the model’s complexity and shape, this can require one or a mix of multiple workflows which include:

  • Mesh segmentation and extraction of solid or surface features, such as cones, cylinders, planes and others,

  • Building 2D or 3D sections and using standard CAD tools (extrusion, rotation, etc.) to create geometrical features, or

  • Auto-surfacing if the object you’re working with has an organic, free-form shape.

3D CAD Model
Step 4: Exporting the final CAD model for manufacturing or simulation

The final CAD-ready model can be compared to the mesh using Accuracy Analyzer, and then exported to any popular CAD platform such as SOLIDWORKS, Catia, Autodesk Inventor, and others.

export 3D Scan to CAD

Why use Geomagic Design X with Artec scanners?

Paired with Artec industry-leading scanning hardware and software, Geomagic Design X is the ultimate scan-to-CAD solution for progressive reverse engineering.

3-10 x faster time to CAD

Reverse engineering can shave days or weeks off the time it takes to turn a product idea into a finished design. Using the combination of Artec 3D scanners and Design X software, scan prototypes, existing components, tooling, or similar objects to develop designs in a tenth of the time it would take to physically measure and create CAD models from scratch.

0.01 mm max. accuracy

Create metrology-precision and bespoke products that cannot be designed without reverse engineering. Design components that seamlessly fit the existing products. With Artec scanners and Geomagic Design X, you can recreate complex geometries that would be impossible to measure without reverse engineering.

Up to 75% cost reduction

Save a lot of money and effort when modeling as-built and as-designed parts. Reduce tool iteration costs by correcting your CAD with actual part geometry captured with a 3D scanner, and eliminating part springback issues. Reduce the number of costly errors caused by mismatch of components.

Improve your CAD environment

Integrate 3D scanning into your usual design workflow to accomplish more, and work more efficiently. With native output to SolidWorks®, Siemens NX®, SolidEdge®, Autodesk Inventor®, PTC Creo®, and Pro/ENGINEER®, Geomagic Design X and Artec 3D scanners support your complete design environment.

Expand your design capacities

Start with data generated in the real world rather than a blank screen. With a variety of Artec scanners, you can quickly create realistic and accurate 3D replicas of physical objects, and convert them into editable, feature-based CAD models in Geomagic Design X.

Make use of what you already have

Many designs are influenced and inspired by other designs. Easily scan and upload scan data into your CAD system to rebuild old parts to match current designs, produce drawings, and manufacture designs in no time.

Build your Artec 3D and Design X bundle

Maximize on value by opting for a software and scanner package that comes with an Artec scanner of your choice, a Geomagic Design X license, and one or more Artec Studio licenses.

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3D scanner reverse engineering

scan-to-CAD solutions

Artec 3D is collaborating with SOLIDWORKS, the market leader of the CAD software to bring engineers and product designers the best 3D experience possible. Now you can capture an object with Artec scanners, create a high precision 3D model and export it into SOLIDWORKS environment in just one click.

SOLIDWORKS is a widely acclaimed CAD software used by professionals in various industries worldwide. With a wide range of powerful tools, it is the perfect solution for reverse engineering, industrial design, rapid prototyping, analysis and more.

Geomagic for SolidWorks

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plugin

Capture and create professional manufacture-ready 3D models in one seamless workflow

Artec Studio and SOLIDWORKS license holders can now export 3D models directly into SOLIDWORKS by using the Geomagic professional plugin, one of the most advanced scan-to-SOLIDWORKS solutions on the market today. The plugin was designed by 3D Systems with the main aim of transforming all of your 3D scans into editable objects in the CAD environment using a smart and easy workflow, for rapid design, engineering, and production.

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS is replete with tools such as mesh editing, point cloud processing, automatic and guided feature extraction, and fast, exact surface fitting to organic 3D scans. Capture almost any object and create feature-based solid 3D models, ready for manufacturing.

Geomagic’s reverse engineering algorithms can reconstruct missing design data in no time, which is especially useful when you need to make old or broken molds anew, or to recreate lost design files. The plugin allows you to easily create both whole designs as well as elements of complex SOLIDWORKS models. A common application of this feature is customizing prosthetic devices for a perfect fit.

A complete scan-to-CAD solution, Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS also allows you to check the feature accuracy of your model with the available standard deviation analysis tool. Enjoy the fast, easy and accurate comparison of CAD and mesh objects.

Follow these simple steps to 3D scan your object, and create a manufacturing-ready model

Scan an object using an Artec 3D scanner.

Here, we used Artec Space Spider to capture a ball joint, an object containing several holes. To successfully capture a hole, simply make sure that the scanner can track all or at least most of the edge area. Hold the scanner at a 90-degree angle to ensure the best capture.

3D scanner solidworks
solidworks 3d scan

Once you’re done scanning, you can view and edit the model in the Artec Studio 3D software. Use the Autopilot mode for fast, automatic post-processing with minimal user interaction, or take full control of the process with the manual mode.

Click “Export to SOLIDWORKS” in the “File” tab to commence file transfer to SOLIDWORKS and wait for the SOLIDWORKS software to launch.

View and edit the model in the SOLIDWORKS environment.

edit mesh model in solidworks


Point and polygon editing tools, including scan alignment

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS provides the necessary tools to quickly edit and repair scans. Scans can also be aligned to other previously captured scans, as well as to the World Coordinate System.

point cloud alignment
3 point scan alignment

Extract Ref. Geometry and Parametric Features

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS also allows you to extract Ref. Geometry and create editable, parametric features directly from the scan data.

reference plane
reference cylinder

Create cross-section sketches and use the SOLIDWORKS toolset to create models

Since Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS operates in the SOLIDWORKS environment, you have the advantage of using the same tools and workflows that you are already familiar with to create models from Scan Data with ease and comfort.

cross section curve
revolve feature

NURB Surfacing for Organic and Freeform Shapes

Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS also includes the ability to quickly create accurate NURB surfaces, allowing you to capture Organic and Freeform shapes and use them in models of your choice.

freeform burb surface

Deviation Analysis

With Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS plugin, you also have the ability to check the deviation between the SOLIDWORKS model and the scan data. This allows you to create accurate designs and provides a level of traceability.

deviation analysis
mesh to cad compare

Make use of the aforementioned, thanks to the Geomagic plugin, as well as many other useful tools and features in SOLIDWORKS. Transform your workflow and discover new and exciting ways to work with captured data, such as rapid prototyping, quality control, reverse engineering and more. Improve your product’s quality, boost performance and create unique and innovative designs with this leading 3D engineering software.

Note that in order for the plugin to function, you need to own a SOLIDWORKS license.

Creating a mold block with Autosurface in Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS

Go from a 3D scan into SOLIDWORKS and create an accurate mold block from organic shapes in less than 8 minutes with the Geomagic plug-in

all-round quality inspection

quality inspection software

Geomagic Control X is a complete metrology grade, quality control software that’s equipped with powerful tools designed to improve multiple existing workflows. With this smart metrology solution, quality control managers/experts have access to a full range of user-friendly, intuitive controls, alongside traceable, repeatable workflows for a more efficient quality measurement process. By making reporting and analysis processes faster and easier, Geomagic Control X guarantees manufacturing workflow optimisation and quality gains.

Combined with the powerful and highly precise Artec 3D scanners, Geomagic Control X is a fantastic solution for anyone looking for speed, accuracy and a large variety of tools to choose from. Easily get the data required for extensive quality control in no time at all with Artec’s advanced 3D scanning solutions. Acquire precise measurements and carry out inspection and data analysis on the spot, using Geomagic Control X and an Artec 3D handheld scanner. Compare 3D scans to the reference CAD model to minimise assembly flaws and increase productivity.

geomagic controlx

Efficient Inspection Routines

Boost your workflow with Geomagic Control X’s new interface, packed with powerful and innovative metrology and quality inspection tools. Get precise results from both pre-planned processes and casual walk-up inspections. Whatever the application, this professional quality control solution is perfect for 3D inspection in multiple manufacturing workflows. Achieve highly accurate measurements and conduct various inspections of manufactured parts, handy for increasing quality levels in manufactured parts and assemblies.

Clear and concise results instantly

The comprehensive Result Navigator gives you the ability to greatly improve the process of investigating quality issues that may occur across parts or over time. Identify and eliminate sources of stack up errors in weldments or assemblies with the data accumulated from performing multiple analyses of various alignment scenarios simultaneously. Quickly and efficiently resolve any potential assembled part-related issues by cross-referencing the CAD model and the data accumulated with the use of 3D scanners, other portable measuring devices, and even computer tomography. You can also create an individual project per part, with measurements data gathered over time, which can then be used to graphically investigate cross supplier issues.

Absolute accountability and traceability

Getting accurate information from inspections has never been so fast and easy with NIST-PTB certified results. The new and exciting features of Geomagic Control X give its users total accountability and traceability throughout the entire process of inspection.

Precise results – fast

Attain dimensional data in any order and style without any restrictions and with the smart Synchronous Inspection system capturing the data hierarchy and workflows in the background, processes can be easily repeated and edited. Geomagic Control X ensures getting precise results quickly and hassle-free, letting you focus on collecting the required data and analysing it. Sophisticated CAD-based dimensioning tools allow industry professionals to quickly conduct various analyses such as First Article inspection. Native CAD importers, including those which contain model-based GD&T definition, are delivered standard, at no additional cost.

Improved communications with advanced reporting

Innovations in the reporting features of Geomagic Control X provide users with the ability to produce graphically-rich, communicative reports; and with the advanced custom viewpoint control and view-style reporting, it can be tailored to fit specific guidelines, whether it be traditional paper, or pdf print graphical presentation.

Have full control of how the dimensions of an object are displayed with advanced 3D dimensioning and annotation management. Choose from among a wide variety of popular default representations available, or create your own customized annotation styles along your company’s guidelines. A variety of smart report layout tools gives you the freedom to choose how your reports are configured together with the format you would like them to be in.

Workflow of Geomagic Control



  • Direct Scanner Integration

  • Preplanned Probing Routines

  • Walk Up Inspection Tools

  • Scanning Automation


  • CAD Aware Dimensioning and GD&T

  • Multiple Result Analysis

  • Synchronous Inspection

  • Workflow Driven Probing Processes

  • Root Cause Analysis & Traceability

quality inspection
inspection report
trend analysis


  • Viewpoint Driven Reporting

  • Customizable Templates



Support for all industry-standard hardware devices and extensive file import support, including CATIA, NX, SOLIDWORKS, SolidEdge, Autodesk inventor and more, such as import of Model-Based Definition (MBD) annotations at no additional charge

User friendly interface designed for professionals throughout multiple industries

Workflow-driven processes, great for walk-up and pre-planned probing for increased productivity

CAD-aware dimensioning, PMI support and comprehensive GD&T callouts

Analysis of multiple results for a faster and a more efficient comparison

Customised reporting options for increased flexibility

Repeatable probing processes with LiveInspect™

Intuitive controls that make quality control and assurance easier than ever before.

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