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ELEGOO’s Newest 3D Printers: Here’s Five Things You Need to Know - 3D Printing Game Characters

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3D Printing Game Characters

Have you ever thought about printing your character, weapons, or costumes from your favorite games? Turning fantasy into reality – this is what 3D printing is bringing to the table. ELEGOO, one of the key players in the smart manufacturing industry, is now offering upgraded 3D printers to gamers at an affordable price level. No matter what fandom you fall under, ELEGOO’s newest 3D printers give gamers the power to create whatever they can dream up.

ELEGOO’s Newest 3D Printers

This summer, ELEGOO unveiled a whole new generation of 3D printers, including NEPTUNE 4 Pro and Saturn 3 Ultra both of which have faster printing speeds, higher accuracy, and provide a more user-friendly experience from start to finish compared to previous models. These changes personify ELEGOO’s goal of opening up the world of 3D printing to gamers and creators of all kinds. No matter if you’re new to the world of consumer 3D printers, or a veteran in the market for a new printer, here are five things you need to know about ELEGOO’s latest line of 3D printers.

Whether it’s the collector’s deluxe edition of this summer’s most anticipated games, the newest add-on for you and your friends’ favorite tabletop RPG, or customizing a game piece you already own, figurines can be a huge part of how gamers show off their passion.

once in a six side

1. Turning Gamers Into Creators

ELEGOO’s printers make it possible for model designers, collectible fans, and dungeon masters to create unique pieces and materialize them in physical form. Using ELEGOO Printers, you’ll be able to create your own versions of your favorite game pieces, create a one-of-a-kind gift for a loved one, or build your own army of detailed models. Instead of purchasing pricey figurines for your next game night, print them out yourself, like YouTuber Once in a Six Side, who used their Saturn 2 to print out a Warhammer 40K Reaver-class Titan, or 3D printing expert Uncle Jessy who built a studio with latest ELEGOO printers. These FDM or resin printers give beginners or veterans the tools they need to get started on a journey into 3D printing.

elegoo neptune 4 pro

2. New FDM 3D Printers: Neptune 4 Pro

ELEGOO’s new lineup includes two FDM printers: the Neptune 4 and Neptune 4 Pro. These Fused Deposition Modeling printers address a few long-standing pain points for hobbyists and professionals alike. Both devices are easy to set up and operate. The Neptune 4 Pro is also equipped with Klipper firmware, which provides improved computing power and helps greatly boost the printing speed up to 500 mm per second*, 10-times faster than most desktop FDM printers available on the market.

*Figures came from ELEGOO Laboratory

elegoo saturn 3

3. New Resin 3D Printers: Saturn 3 Ultra

Even more upgrades come to ELEGOO’s LCD 3D printers: the Saturn 3 and Saturn 3 Ultra. The Saturn series gives 3D printing enthusiasts improved results by upgrading the previous model’s monochrome LCD screen from 8K to a revolutionary 12K screen with a 11520x5120 resolution. If powered by ELEGOO Fast Standard Resin, the printing speed of Saturn 3 Ultra can reach up to 150mm per hour, 3-times faster compared with previous Saturn products. The SATURN series was named the Gold Winner at the 2023 Globee® Disruptor Awards in the 3D printing and augmented reality category.

elegoo mars 4

3d printed game characters

4. The Mars 3 and Mars 4 Ultra

ELEGOO’s most popular series - The Mars 3 and Mars 4 Ultra offers entry-level pricing without compromising performance, at a smaller build volume of 153.36 (L)*77.76 (W)*165 (H)mm3 that is more friendly for first-time users. Both models provide a 9K screen and are compatible with ELEGOO’s next-gen USB air purifiers. All these devices also support multiple slicing software without restriction through the use of ELEGOO’s self-developed open-source GOO slicing format, a one-click solution to print your fantasy world.

elegoo mars 4 ultra

5. Price and Where to Find Them

ELEGOO’s upgraded flagship products, the Neptune 4 Pro and Saturn 3 Ultra, are available at R9 950 and R16 950, respectively. The new printers are all available for pre-order via the AMS3D website as of June 1st, 2023.

Whether you are an experienced 3D printing professional, or a hobbyist looking to get into the community, ELEGOO’s newest lineup of 3D printers is here to ensure you have everything you need to bring your creations to life. For more information, check out AMS3D official website and follow them on their social media.

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