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Elegoo Standard 2.0 Photopolymer Resin-Grey

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Product Details
  • High Precision Resin. ELEGOO standard photopolymer resin has a strong anti-background light ability so that no excess resin is left on the surface of printed models, ensuring that each model is printed with a smooth surface finish, clear texture, and fine details.
  • Low Volume Shrinkage. Low shrinkage and good stability reduce volume shrinkage during the curing process. Therefore, after cleaning and post-curing, the molded prints will not be noticeably deformed or cracked over a long period of time.
  • Low Viscosity & Good Fluidity. With excellent fluidity, the resin can quickly reflow to the area between model and release film, which improves the printing success rate, and reduces printing time.
  • Safe and Low Odor. ELEGOO standard photopolymer resin is specially formulated with less odor and a very pure and bright color. There is less pungent smell during printing, thus maintaining a freshening printing environment.
  • Easy to Clean & Wide Applications. ELEGOO 405nm UV curing standard resin can be easily post-processed and cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol. Compatible with most LCD and some DLP 3D printers. Work best with ELEGOO LCD 3D printers.
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