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Geomagic. 3D scanning solutions you can rely on.
Geomagic Essentials
Geomagic DesignX
Geomagic for SolidWorks
Geomagic Freeform
Geomagic ControlX
Software for reverse engineering, design and inspection.

The ultimate manufacturing software for 3D scanning, product design and inspection. Get from scan-to-CAD faster. Take control of your design process with ease. Achieve incredibly precise results, every time. Our industry-leading Geomagic suite, developed by Oqton, gives you all the tools you need for scan-based reverse engineering, design and inspection.

oqton geomagic
From 3D Scan to CAD
autodesk inventor

Quicksurface provides the most comprehensive features to enable CAD to be created from meshed scan data in a highly usable standalone package.

Fast, accurate and easy

  • QUICKSURFACE is a complete reverse-engineering solution for converting 3D scan polygonal meshes of digitized parts into accurate digital parametric CAD/CAM designs.

  • QUICKSURFACE offers intuitive tools for Hybrid Parametric Modelling for both Organic and Prismatic Shapes.

  • QUICKSURFACE is a standalone Windows 64-bit application for 3D reverse-engineering, enabling you to create new, better designs out of existing products.

rhino CAD
Alibre CAD
Powerful, Yet Easy-to-Use 3D CAD Software That's Affordable
Alibre Design Expert
Alibre Atom3D

Complete mechanical design software for the world's most demanding ideas, yours included.

3D CAD Software with everything you need

Alibre Design Expert comes with all the necessities and a ton of premium features that keep you creative, efficient, and error-free.

  • 3D Modeling

  • Sheet Metal

  • 2D Drawings

  • Automation

  • Rendering

  • Scripting

  • API

  • Interop

Alibre Design
Artec Studio 18. The power is in the software

Transform your 3D scanner with industry-acclaimed software for professional 3D scanning and data processing. Easy 3D scanning. High-precision results.

artec studio 18
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